Val & James

After meeting at About Blank around two years ago on the first sunny day of the year, these two polyamorous lovers started their affair. But after spending a few weeks together, partying, watching weird documentaries, and hanging out with friends, James had to back to Australia. After some back and forth, with many hours spent on skype, they decided that James would move to Berlin.

Val wanted it to be a surprise when exactly he would arrive. They decided for a span of ten days that they would both disconnect completely. So they blocked each other on what’s app, facebook, facetime, etc. During this time, Val was wandering the streets of Berlin, wondering when James would show up. On the 100th day after they had met, the song called, ‘Here Without You’, was playing with the lyrics saying 100 days since he left. Val felt like maybe this was a sign. She had even sent James a poem that day, via a mutual friend. And sure enough, that day James showed up.

The rest is written all over their faces. Two people who fully love each other and bask in the freedom of loving other people, too. Often in open relationships people have rules, but not these two. Both being radical polyamorists, they don’t believe in rules when it comes to loving someone. Rarely, has one ever witnessed two people loving so fearlessly. They are not hiding pain or jealousy, rather the opposite. They deal with the small waves of jealousy and move on, on to more love and a growing understanding of each other.

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