Aga & FLO

Aga and Flo met online and started out as a hook up. They realized that they got along really well and developed a friendship, as well as a relationship. They really enjoyed the freedom that Berlin has to offer, and went to lots of open and free-love parties together.

After a while their relationship became serious and they found themselves wanting to spend all their time together and trusting each other. Flo was there for Aga when she was going through a period of depression and Aga was there for Flo whenever he needed her.

They had already moved in together, and had a beautiful bohemian wedding in Poland (where Aga is from), when they found out that Aga was pregnant and suddenly they had to make some big decisions. Both of them decided they wanted to keep the baby. They are living together in Berlin and are waiting for their baby boy to arrive any day now!

(update: They welcomed a healthy baby boy named Lew and have even travelled to South East Asia with him, getting him started on travelling early in life)

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