Galina & Jennifer

After spending five years without receiving as much as a hug or human touch, Galina had given up on love and relationships. When you feel like you are all alone in this world, because your Ukrainian Israeli family doesn’t accept or understand you, and it’s hard to find people to feel close to, it’s easier to just give in to loneliness. It takes everything thing to then put yourself out there and to let that very first Tinder match get to know you.

But then there was Jennifer, with her bubbly, optimistic, easy going character, which couldn’t be more different from the OCD, perfectionist, kosher, composed, irritable, Galina, and who walked into the bar and saw Galina for who she was. They have been living together since almost the beginning, with their belongings clearly separated, the apartment perfectly tidy, and the pink and baby blue walls witnessing lots of fights about things being moved around, the wrong cups getting used, insecurities, anger, the wrong use of grammar, and how to raise a child.

And yet, one watches these two, who are so different, embrace each other in complete harmony, balance each other out, and learn to have patience with each other. While a few little tears softly roll down Galina’s face she describes how crazy it is, that after being so alone for so long in life, somebody can just show up and completely accept you and turn your life around.

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