Get involved

Hi, thank you for your interest!

If you’d like to be photographed for this project, just send me an email with the following information:

– you and your partner/s’ names
– a tiny summary of your story or something you think is interesting about your relationship
– where you live

Email address:

Any age (18+), gender, preference, background, nationality and religion are welcome.

How the shoot normally goes is, I came to your place, we share some tea or a meal or boozy drinks and some stories. And afterwards I take photos of you and your partner/lover-s/ONS/significant other/loved one for about 20 minutes in a comfortable setting where you can feel relaxed. Don’t worry about outfits or posing, they’re not very important and I’ll help you with the rest. 

So if you’re interested in being photographed, in exhibiting the photos, or any other way to collaborate, send me a message. I’m looking forward to meeting you!