About the project

The project came into existence, in a time where I was overwhelmed by negativity and darkness of the news we hear every day. I had been wanting to do a photo series on love for a while, and then the idea took form, with the intention to create something for the heart. The project doesn’t change our political climate, or improve LGBT+ rights, or help the homeless, or solve anything, but it might be something bright for some people, on an otherwise gray day.

There are a lot of different types of relationships in this city, and I dove into other people’s private worlds to explore and document them. I photograph everyone in their own homes without lighting equipment, to keep it as real and intimate as possible. And even though they may seem very different from one another, or from your own relationship, when it comes down to it, we all seem to be dealing with similar issues and conversations, which are centered around fear, neglect, acceptance, family, desire, values and wanting to be seen and loved.

My intention is to portray all kinds of love, to show that relationships can exist in many forms and there is no standard mould.

It has been an honour to hear so many very personal stories about how people met, their struggles, their highlights, their fears and their dreams. All of these couples have let me dive into their world for a few hours and have let me document something so private. I am very grateful to be able to tell these stories and can’t wait to meet more people who are willing to share their stories..

Julia Liebisch-Peschl