Jo & Robert

Having a rare disorder that only 400 people have in this world, and which causes certain complications, Jo wasn’t 100% banking on getting married. But there they were, on a tall ship sailing around Canada getting to know and love each other. It was the usual who makes the first move, what do I say, do they like me back, should we just kiss? That’s where their, now 13 year long, relationship began.

It has taken them to Australia, all over Europe, and back to Nova Scotia for their honeymoon. Much like any relationship, they have arguments, disagreements, and have to deal with some mental health issues. Phil admits that the chair is sometimes in the way and certainly makes travelling harder, but that hasn’t stopped them, even if it means that he has had to carry Jo and the chair up and down many stairs to cross a hundred bridges in Venice.

Phil does most of the housework, with Jo doing whatever she can, but her body gets tired very quickly. Through an almost surgery that could have gone very wrong, and knowing that Jo has a shorter life expectancy, they have had to confront mortality, which has taught them to hold on to what you love and focus on what’s important. More than anything, they said, relationships are hard, they are work, and it takes a lot of communication, but you don’t give up.

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