Franka & Hans

Franka and Hans met at the Ostsee (Baltic sea) where they were both vacationing with their mothers.
Hans was walking along the beach to get ice cream and Franka was by the water looking at him from a distance. She wasn’t wearing her glasses, so she assumed that the woman by his side was his girlfriend. But Franka was enchanted by this guy, so she gave him the biggest smile, and he was mesmerized.

Of course, the woman by his side was his mother, and he couldn’t just stop and talk to this girl, but as they kept walking along the beach, he also couldn’t get the stranger out of his head.
On his way back down the beach he found her again and plucked up the courage to make an excuse to his mum, and walk up to Franka and say hi.
The connection was there straight away, and they ended up playing beach volleyball and swimming far out into the ocean, while Franka’s mum was watching with binoculars, as they found out much later.

After that meeting at the beach, they started a long distance relationship between Berlin and Freiburg. They only saw each other every few weeks and it meant that every time they wanted to see each other, one of them had to get on a 13 hour flixbus journey.
They were struggling during that time, getting tired of the distance, but they were determined to figure it out.
Franka eventually moved from her parents’ place to Berlin to live with Hans and they have been together for three years now.

Their relationship wasn’t always easy, and they had times where they were fighting a lot, yelling at each other and slamming doors. Franka’s mum was also against their relationship, so that was another wedge between them. But they stuck it out together and realized that they really want to be together and have a family some day. They describe themselves as incredibly lucky to have met that day, and have built a life together that they cherish.

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