Divya & Leif

At a Greek gyros shop in Barcelona, an Indian Australian girl and a German Spanish boy met and got talking. Leif took Divya along to a party and she missed her flight home on purpose, which led to a two week love affair that involved music, dancing, acid, midnight walks, meeting friends, and living in a passionate alternate reality where nothing else mattered. Unfortunately, Divya had to go back to Australia and they were apart for two whole years.

Leif had moved to Berlin at this point and Divya came to visit him. That’s where they rekindled their romance and Leif eventually moved to Australia with Divya. Divya, who was always open with Leif about being polyamorous, and Leif, who was open to exploring, are trying to make it work, but it turns out it is not always easy and can sometimes be a struggle with feelings of jealousy, rejections,
and loneliness.

Both of them truly want to be free to love freely, but it comes with some struggles that they are trying to navigate, while living in Berlin. Their conversations seem brave, excruciatingly raw and honest. They are combining two lives, ways of loving, and ways of seeing the world.

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