When Rhiannon and Eily met at a halloween party, dressed, respectively, in a sceleton harness and a David Bowie costume, Rhiannon was twice Eily’s age. Age is but a number, and their bond started to form once they found out that they shared some of the same favourite porn stars.

After that party they invited each other a few times to hang out, but something always got in the way and the invitations remained unfulfilled. Until one day, they reconnected through a photo project that Eily was working on. So the first time they met after the halloween party, was in a photo booth, where Eily was taking photos with various strangers. Something clicked and their lives became intertwined.

Life as a transgender woman comes with its struggles and this city can be brutal sometimes. So while you’re navigating that whole world and readjusting yourself, you feel like the world is staring at you while you do it. But Rhiannon feels understood and loved by Eily, who has always seen her as a woman and who describes herself as non-binary.
Together they are living out their passions and desires and are also managing daily life, as artists and one of them being a parent as well.

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