Ira & Nikita

Life stays interesting when two liberals, from two countries that are at war with each other, start a relationship. Ira, from Ukraine and, Nikita, from Russia, where both already living in Berlin, when a mutual friend thought they would get along, and decided to play Cupid.

The first date happened at a football game, together with this friend. Despite having a third wheel with them, they clicked, and both say they felt something from that first day. Two days later, Ira had flowers at her desk at work, and three weeks later, Nikita told a friend at work, that he had met this girl and he’s going to marry her.

At this point they were a sure thing and he sneakily moved into Ira’s apartment. Describing themselves as a normal Berlin couple, who dance the night away at an electro club, go to markets on the weekend, and hang out with their friends, their relationship now two years later has led them to
their wedding in Kiev.

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