EnYa & Jana

Enja & Jana met at an orientation at university, where they both had to write an exam that day. Both had brought their moms with them, who randomly met at campus, and were hanging out with each other. Simultaneously, Enja and Jana met during their exam, and started chatting. The four of them decided to go to dinner that night.

They stayed in touch, as they were anxiously waiting for their acceptance letters. They became best friends from the start and both moved to Berlin for university. It took everybody else telling them for a long time that they had such an obvious connection, for them to realize that there was more than just friendship, and that’s when their romance began.

Both of them are musicians and are a singing duo for weddings and other events. Their bond grew even stronger once they started making music together. They are now singers in a band, share a cactus obsession, and are living together in a beautiful Altbau in Berlin.

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