Madhavi & Navya

Madhavi and Navya met through couch surfing in Tokyo. Navya, coming from India and, Madhavi, from the rural South of the USA, they somehow connected over pizza and became friends. When one of Madhavi’s friends came to stay with her, she invited Navya to go out with them. That’s where her friend asked whether there was anything going on between them and exclaimed that there was definitely something there.

A seed was planted in Madhavi’s head and suddenly she was looking at Navya differently. At one point she threw a party that she invited Navya to. Maybe inspired by alcohol and dancing, she told Navya that she loved him and wanted to marry him. That’s when they finally kissed! 

After this period of their lives, Navya moved to Mumbai. From his home he was writing endless love letters to Madhavi, which he crinkled up and threw in a corner if he wasn’t happy with them, which led to his mother finding out about Madhavi, after she discovered the letters. After this revelation Madhavi moved to Mumbai and later on they moved to Berlin together.

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