Sarmishta & Karthik

Both Sarmishta and Karthik are from India, but have adapted lots of bits and pieces of other cultures into their lives after have lived abroad for a decade now. They are both very open and liberal and weren’t arranged to meet by their families, but out of their own accord. They fell in love in India and had a beautiful, big wedding there, with all their families, friends and relatives.

They lived in the U.S. For a while and settled in Berlin quite a few years ago, being drawn to its creative, vibrant energy. They are a team. Whatever they do, they always have the full support of the other one. Even though Karthik doesn’t care much for nice food, and only eats for sustinance, he is always in the background helping out, when Sarmishta puts on incredible 7 course supper clubs, where even the garnish is grown in her own kitchen. With so much attention to detail, she puts together meals for friends and new friends, leaving everyone happy and inspired. Their home is definitely in Berlin, but they both also travel a lot and like to discover new places.

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