Lisa & Tamino

Lisa, who doesn’t fit into many categories, is a beautiful fluid person, and it was her, who messaged Tamino, a transgender guy, online. Tamino was pleasantly surprised by Lisa’s kindness and decided to reply. They started chatting a lot and after a few days of talking, the first feelings started to develop.

They talked for 3 or 4 weeks until Lisa came to visit Tamino in Berlin. They were only meant to meet up for a few hours but Lisa ended up staying for 2 whole days. That’s when their romance began and pretty soon Tamino asked Lisa to move in with him.

Lisa has hemiplegia, which means that one side of her body is mostly paralized. Tamino at first didn’t know how to react to that or know how to ask about it, but Lisa explained her condition to him very lovingly and made it easy for Tamino to learn about it. She accompanied Tamino to his blood transfusion appointments, which he gets for an illness that he has had since birth and the two of them help each other navigate through life.

Lisa’s father is a priest and she is studying Theology, which makes for interesting questions, since Tamino doesn’t believe in the institution of the church, but possibly in a god. They both accept each others believes or non believes and challenge each other to philosophical discussions.

(update: Tamino and Lisa are still together and happily in love, but Lisa had to move to Mannheim for her studies, so they have a long distance relationship for now, until they can live in the same place again.)

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