Jenni & Robert

After a wild night that involved too much Glühwein, Robert was late for work and was asleep at his bus stop early in the morning. It must have been the nicest bus driver of Berlin, because he stopped and honked and waited for Robert to wake up, look slightly embarrassed and jump on the bus.

And on the bus was Jenni, giggling at the boy who had just hastily gotten on the bus with a sheepish look on his face. She gave him an endearing smile and that was that.
But she couldn’t stop thinking about him and was hoping that maybe he wanted to meet up again. She remembered the company he was working for and went on an online mission to find him.

She got lucky, and through a friend who also worked at that same company, found Robert.
He had been thinking about the mystery girl on the bus too, and was surprised when she messaged him.

The rest is history and they are living together now.

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